Parent Education Series session

Parent Education Series session
Posted on 06/06/2023
Parent Education Series


Dear School Community, 


If you’ve ever wondered about the impact that screens can have on teens, consider this:  Teenage girls who spend two to three hours a day using social media are three times more likely to suffer from depression, including suicidal thoughts. 


The jarring statistic is one of many shared by therapist Lauren Muriello during our Parenting Education Series. She also has offered plenty of valuable advice. Now you can hear Lauren answer questions submitted by Kenilworth school parents and guardians in a recorded video. She addresses social media use, which the American Psychological Association says can lead to cyberbullying, anxiety and low self-esteem. Lauren also answers questions on a number of other parenting topics.  


The link is included here.  We’ve also shared it on our website and Facebook page. The Q&A is the final session of our Parenting Education Series, and the only one that was recorded. I have listened closely to Lauren’s insights, and learned a lot that I can apply to parenting my own kids.  


Here are time markers for the Q&A video so you can easily find topics of interest: 

  • 2:00 How do parents go about reining in their child's social media use when they haven't had limits or structures previously? 

  • 9:00 Tips for helping children deal with feelings of anger when a parent or teacher sets limits or tells them "no" when they want to do something.  

  • 15:15 How to help students deal with images of what's real or not based on their TikTok viewing experience. (Including more information on diet culture and beauty content.) 

  • 26:00 How can parents limit their child's screen time when screens are everywhere and kids generally resist? 

  • 33:00 How can we explain to kids what they see on the news, particularly around school violence? 

  • 39:00 How can I improve self-esteem and self-worth in my children? How can I help my daughter have more confidence in everything she does? 

  • 42:00 My daughter is not listening to me. How can I work on that?  

  • 0:00 Introduction  
  • 45:15 Conclusion: There’s an art to parenting 

Lauren also suggests these resources for parents: 

  • Wait Until Eighth - a pledge that delays giving children a smartphone until eighth grade 


Although parenting comes with its share of angst and uncertainty, it is reassuring to hear from Lauren that “the most important thing is that you love your child and that they feel love and connected to you.” 




Kyle C. Arlington  

Superintendent of Schools 



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