Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week
Posted on 05/09/2023
Teacher Appreciation Week

When schools reopened in the uncertainty of September 2020, following spring’s COVID shutdown, I shared a piece of writing about my favorite teacher, Mrs. Sullivan.


I think about her often, but always during Teacher Appreciation Week, which is this week! 


I write in the blog about Mrs. Sullivan:


Showing kindness and compassion always mattered to me, but I understood it on a whole new level because of Mrs. Sullivan. I tried to carry that into my own teaching…teachers make a difference. They shape who we are. How they talk to us stays with us. How they treat us sticks with us. When they’re “there for us,” we remember.


Thank-a-Teacher Challenge

Most elementary-aged students and their teachers are familiar with the concept of “bucket filling” based on Carol McCloud’s children’s book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? The story suggests that everyone carries an invisible bucket over their head that holds all their positive thoughts and feelings. We either fill someone’s bucket through kindness, compassion, and appreciation. Or we empty buckets with actions and words that are opposite.


If there is a Kenilworth teacher, past or present, who is your child’s “Mrs. Sullivan,” I encourage you to reach out to them this week with a short email or note to let them know. Please keep our counselors, child study team members, and other education specialists in mind too.

In an increasingly divided country, how powerful it would be to come together to fill buckets and acknowledge teachers’ heart work. 


If you take me up on the challenge, let me know!

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