Harding Enrichment Program Frequently Asked Questions

Harding Enrichment Program FAQs

What is the Harding Enrichment Program?

The Harding Enrichment Program is our state-mandated gifted and talented program.  Identified students meet with an enrichment specialist for two periods per week.   Lessons are focused around a project-based curriculum that changes each marking period.   Students become real-world investigators and problem-solvers as they are provided with opportunities in which they apply their interests, knowledge, creative ideas, and task commitment to a unit of study.   Mock Trial, The Stock Market Game, Bridge Building, and  Engineering are just some examples of the units of study.   Additionally, students participate in academic contests such as the New Jersey Mathletes.   Students also participate in convocations sponsored by members of the Union County Gifted and Talented Association.   Students meet and work with other gifted students from neighboring towns on problem-solving tasks, critical/creative thinking activities, and team-building.


How are the children identified for the program?  

In the fall of third grade students take MAP testing.   Once the  MAP test results are viewed,  additional data is collected which includes a writing sample, reading and  math beginning-of-the-year tests, and report card information from the previous school year.  


When are parents notified if their child has met the criteria to participate in the program?

If your child has met the criteria for the program, a letter will be mailed home by the end of November.


What happens if my child did not meet the criteria?

At the conclusion of the school year staff members are asked to refer additional students they feel should be considered for the program.   All data will be collected in the fall of the following year, and if the child should meet the criteria a letter will be sent home by the end of November.


Can a child in grades four through six be considered for the program?

Yes, a child can be considered for the program once a staff member refers the student.


Are the children in the program reevaluated each fall in order to participate?

No, once the student starts the program he/she will continue to participate until the end of sixth grade.


What are the expectations for the children in the program?

Students in the Harding Enrichment Program must maintain an average of 80% or higher in their core subjects (math, reading, writing, science, and social studies).   If they do not maintain the average, they will not participate in the program until they improve their grades.   Additionally, students are expected to complete all missed assignments and activities their classroom teacher requests of them when they are out of the classroom attending enrichment classes and trips.


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