Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS)


State, federal and district guidelines have clearly established that the primary mission of schools is to increase student achievement in an environment that maintains discipline and ensures the safety of all students and staff.

This mission has become increasingly more challenging due to a myriad of problems students bring to schools. Many of these problems fall into the category of high risk behaviors such as: Substance abuse, violence, child abuse and neglect, early sexual involvement, youth pregnancy and parenting, lack of school readiness, poor socialization skills, chronic medical conditions or physical disabilities.

These high risk behaviors can certainly increase the potential for students to experience learning, behavior and health difficulties while attending school. It is not uncommon for schools to identify students who are experiencing problems in the following areas: concentrating and focusing on learning, failing two or more subjects, following rules, attending school regularly, respecting authority and dropping out of school. Additionally, there are students with health issues that substantially limit one or more major life activity.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Kenilworth Public School District is Success for Every Student Through Excellence in Teaching and Learning. We believe that we can help every student achieve success through a combination of a real and viable curriculum, excellence in teaching, and a structured intervention plan to help students meet the requirements of today's public school classrooms.

This guide will serve as a resource manual for teachers, supervisors, and principals as they attempt to work with parents, learning specialists, and other school personnel to develop a program to meet the needs of the struggling learner.

The mission of the I&RS Team

The primary purposes of the I&RS team are to identify students in need and then plan and provide appropriate intervention for those students within the general education community; to identify the responsibilities of building staff who participate in the planning and provision of intervention and referral services; to actively involve parents/guardians in the development and implementation of the I&RS plans; to review and assess the effectiveness of the services provided in achieving the outcomes identified in the intervention and referral plan; to provide professional development to general education staff members who either refer students to the I&RS or who assist in providing the intervention and referral services; and, finally, to coordinate the services of community-based social and health agencies.

Our Focus

The I&RS Team is dedicated to helping students, teachers, parents, counselors, administrators, and any other member of the Brearley family. We firmly believe that every child has the capacity to learn, and it is our firm responsibility to bring success to all of our students. By focusing on one area of difficulty at a time, we help teach our students that they can learn. These students leave our committee feeling self-confident and successful.

Our referring staff shall have the support and guidance that they need to ensure the success of all students. It takes a village to raise a child, and the I&RS Team in your school will prove to be the heart of that village. We are firmly dedicated to helping all who come for assistance.