October 2019

Leadership Blog - October

Getting Your Kids to Talk About School
By Kyle Arlington, Superintendent of Schools

I learned a long time ago that if you want to know what school is like for kids, ask kids.  I’ve also learned that sometimes that’s easier said than done, especially when the stock response to the question, “What did you do in school today?” is met with a mumbled “Nothing.”

I encourage you to stay connected with your children’s school experience by committing to learning about their school life each day.  To work towards eliciting a deeper response from them, consider swapping out the question, “How was school today?” for one of these instead:

  • What was the best part of your day?
  • What’s the biggest difference between school this year and last year?
  • Tell me something that was easy for you today?  Tell me about something that was hard?
  • What’s something you admire about your teacher?
  • Was someone really kind to you today?  Were you kind to them?
  • What’s one rule you have to follow at school that you don’t have to follow at home?

I hope these questions, and others that are hallmarked by specificity and open-endedness, allow you a sneak peak into your child’s school world.

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