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Health and Wellness Update

Dear School Community:

One of our district goals is for our community to hold itself accountable for operating a safe, efficient and effective school district.  The disturbing and tragic news of illnesses and deaths due to the use of e-cigarettes and vaping is cause for concern and an obstacle in our shared quest between home and school to keep the young people we care about safe.  

Our district's stance on this matter is governed by Policy and Regulation 5530 - Substance Abuse.  We continue to be vigilant in our schools and proactive in sending the strong message that vaping, vaping devices and e-cigarettes are prohibited in our buildings and on our campus, nor should students be using them at any time.  

We encourage you to partner together with us so that our students receive the same message from both home and school.  While being brave enough to have the conversation about the dangers of vaping and e-cigarettes is a start, as a district, we encourage you to speak to your children and:

·         be direct.  Say, “I don’t want you to use e-cigarettes.”

·         find the time to talk.  The sooner you start talking, the better.

·         talk about real facts.  Just saying, “Vaping is bad for you,” isn’t enough.

·         focus on the social issues.

·         teach kids how to say no.

Taken from The Public Health Insider.  “Tips from Teachers:  How to Talk to Your Kids About Vaping”

Additional resources for parents about this topic may be found here:




This year, we have unpacked our district goal of operating a safe, efficient and effective school district in order to better focus on social emotional learning, update crisis protocols for those individuals experiencing mental health issues, and work to more seamlessly transition students between and among grade-levels and school buildings.  However, to borrow an idea from psychologist Maslow, our efforts to help students self-actualize their potential means very little if their basic health and safety needs aren’t met first. 

In closing, please speak to your children about the dangers and consequences of vaping as part of our shared mission to keep our kids healthy and well. 


Kyle C. Arlington
Superintendent of Schools

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