April 2019

April 18, 2019


Dear Parents/Guardians and Staff:


Respect. Humility. Authenticity. Transparency. It is through a combination of these ideas that districts are able to accomplish great things. In my former role as an assistant superintendent, I had the opportunity to partner with an educational design lab, 2Revolutions, that was focused on building and implementing new learning models that prepare students for success in the future in innovative and cutting-edge ways.  I hope to carry my learning from that collaboration to our Kenilworth School Community, in particular their belief that:


Everything is about people.  Systems are people.  Leadership is people.  Culture is people.  Change is made by people, in specific contexts, but it cannot simply happen to them.  Progress is fueled not only by competence, but also through a mix of respect, humility, authenticity, and transparency… Transformation is complex work that can only be done together over time.  No short cuts.  Period. 


With this in mind, I frame this Superintendent’s Update around these four hallmarks of progress.



I am pleased to spotlight this year’s Educators of the Year.  They were recently recognized at the April 8, 2019 meeting of the Kenilworth Board of Education; however, their body of work and commitment to young people deserves to be celebrated again in this correspondence.  Congratulations to:


  • Nancy Bechtler, Teacher of the Year, Brearley Middle School

  • Megan Harrison, Educational Professional of the Year, Brearley Middle-High School

  • Michael Klimchak, Teacher of the Year, Harding School

  • Anthony LaBruno, Teacher of the Year, Brearley High School

  • Regina O’Connor, Educational Professional of the Year, Harding School



I was humbled by the talents of our students during our recent performances of Peter Pan by Harding’s students and The Addams Family by our Brearley students.  Their commitment, passion, and talent – as well as that of their teachers – was palpable and a reminder that the arts matter.