Emergency Closing Information

Emergency Closing Information
Posted on 08/15/2017
Emergency Closing Information

Dear Parents/Guardians:

There are times when weather conditions or emergencies cause the schools to close to ensure the safety of our students. The following is an overview of our district’s procedures. Please keep this letter available for reference.

SCHOOL CANCELLED: When school is cancelled for the day because of inclement weather or emergency conditions, the following will occur:

All emergency messages will be:
1. Posted on our website: www.kenilworthschools.com
2. Sent via Twitter @KenilworthSuper
3. A School Messenger phone message will be sent
4. Posted on our district’s Facebook page
5. Pushed out via the School Messenger App (Download from App Store)
6. Sent via email (through GENESIS parent portal) using School Messenger
     a. School Messenger will be used as soon as possible.
7. A “SCHOOLS CLOSED” announcement will be given between 5:30 AM and 7:00 AM on the following TV/Internet stations:
     Channels: Comcast TV 36, FIOS TV 26, News 12, NBC4 NY, CBS2 NY

DELAYED OPENING: When the forecast indicates improving weather conditions, a delayed opening may be in effect. The delayed opening is indicated below and will be announced on the previously listed media and messaging system.

David Brearley Middle / High School Time: Students report by 9:30 am 
Harding Elementary School  Time: Students report by 10:00 am*
*PreK Classes Should refer to the letter sent home by the school or call the Harding Office (908) 276-5936 Option #3

EMERGENCY SCHOOL CLOSING: It may be necessary to close schools early and send students home if a severe storm or emergency develops during the school day. Again, a school emergency closing announcement will be made on the above listed stations as well
as the main district phone line. Bus dismissal will be adjusted accordingly. In the event of an early emergency closing:

ALL PM Events for that day will be cancelled.

For students who are bussed, please note that during the weather related openings the bus pick up is two hours after the regular scheduled pick up time. Example: Pick up is at 6:00 AM, it will move to 8:00 am.

In the event that your home district is closed and David Brearley is open, there will be no busses running. On days that the busses are not running, it’s the parent’s responsibility to bring the student to school.

Parents and guardians: It is most important that we always have your most up to date contact information, as well as your emergency contacts. If your contact information has changed, please update your parent information though the GENESIS parent portal.