Middle School Students & Merck Scientists Come Together

Middle School Students & Merck Scientists Come Together
Posted on 12/17/2015
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David Brearley Middle School Students & Merck Scientists Come Together for a Morning of Scientific Discovery​

December 16, 2015

Kenilworth, NJ – Twenty-five seventh and eighth grade students participated in Student 2 Science's Virtual Lab (V-Lab) program with the assistance of Merck scientists.  The lab entitled CO2 to the Rescue! – using a chemical reaction to save a cell phone- began with a design challenge to invent a small device that could rescue a cell phone that accidentally falls into water.  It was suggested to the students that a self-inflating balloon might be able to act as a flotation device to keep a cell phone from sinking or bring it up after it sinks.  Students conducted a pair of chemical reactions to determine which of two acids react with baking soda to produce the most carbon dioxide gas and apply this to the flotation problem.

Students 2 Science is a fully interactive, Web-based, hybrid, distance learning program for K-12 students. It delivers high quality, standards-aligned inquiry-based, hands-on science education to students -- including those with special needs -- in classroom settings, as well as at hospitals and after-school programs.   

"V-Lab benefits both teachers and students," said Lauren Bound, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction in Kenilworth.  "It supports teachers in their efforts to teach curriculum standards, while providing students with access to professionals and technology."

This program was made possible by a $50,000 grant secured by the Kenilworth Public Schools last spring.  As the school year continues students in Brearley’s middle and high school will participate in additional V-Labs as well as travel to Students 2 Science’s Technology Center in East Hanover for full-day science programs.  

For more information, contact Lauren Bound at 908-276 1644, extension 1529 or by email at Lauren_Bound@Kenilworthschools.com